Welcome to Jimmy Sadler Photography
Visionary Visual Storytelling
Capturing the wonders of God's creation one day at a time.
Each of the six days of creation describes a part of the known world that I want to capture. Of all God's creations, the last one captures my attention most.  People, created in his image, fascinate me.  I love to capture a cross section of life and allow someone to savor that moment for years to come. 
Journalistic or Imagined
I enjoy the full palette of photography options on a project. I love telling the story as it unfolds in a person's special event or wedding.  I also enjoy the challenge of creating something from nothing. One of the first questions to conquer in a new project is to ask if you want your story captured naturally and authentically or you want to create a visually compelling piece of your own. 
From portraits, to families, models and brides, I have captured them all. I give clear expectations and I tend to follow and record the story, not try to inject myself into it.  I most appreciate being mostly invisible to a wedding but capturing every special moment, planned or not.   
I absolutely love photography, it has always been a joy.  But teaching someone to capture life effectively makes me even more excited. Teaching photography and arts has brought me so much fulfillment. 
From long-lost war photos to NASA launches, I have restored many photos for families, business and even the library of congress.  I love bringing back to life what was once though lost to years, moisture, discoloration or wear and tear. 
I'm not your typical "e-mail me and I will decide how much you can afford."
Drop me a line and you may be surprised at what I can save you while delivering visionary artistry. 
Jimmy Sadler Media and Photography
Columbia, SC